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10 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Feel Better, Look Better and Function Better

What is the 10-week Body Transformation Challenge?

Next Challenge Starting 12th April 2021 

Boyd’s Fitness 10-week challenge is a program that will teach you how to live a healthy balanced life, you will be taught how to lose weight (or gain weight) by understanding the foods you eat and how to develop a balanced lifestyle you can maintain for life.

How to exercise safely and correctly with weights and bodyweight movements to build strength and a stronger more resilient body.

And most importantly to be more confident in your ability, appearance and self.

What do you get with our 10-week challenge?

F.I.R.E is Focused Intense Resistance Exercise - The Metabolic Precision research-proven system shown in clinical studies to consistently deliver rapid improvements in body shape!

What exactly is F.I.RE.?

  • Workouts no longer than 45 minutes
  • Just 2 workouts a week!
  • Science-based & research-proven!
  • Trigger amazing improvements in strength!
  • Smash training & weight loss plateaus!
  • Experience rapid changes in health & body shape!
  • No matter what your goal or fitness level!
  • FIRE is a 10-week program offered in small groups (4-6 people)
  • We exercise together for motivation & support
  • Be a part of our amazing community – you’ll want to exercise with us!

I.C.E The Fat Burner - is a science-based approach that maximizes fitness & fat loss! In fact, the research behind ICE principles shows you can burn up to 3 times more fat during cardio exercise.

  • We structure to optimize calorie expenditure
  • Our expert instructors design to suit beginners & all fitness levels
  • Exhilarating, fun, safe, result-producing workouts
  • We exercise together for motivation & support
  • Be a part of our amazing community – you’ll want to exercise with us
  • Myzone training system optimized to motivate and make you want to never miss a session.
  • 12 weeks of unlimited access

Boyd's Fitness Nutrition On-line - designed for individuals that need tailored solutions for health, performance & the body they really want without having to attend face-to-face consultations with a Certified Transformation Specialist.

  • Nutrition delivered via our ONLINE platform.

  • Prime your Metabolism for Success in less than 3 minutes.
  • Eat for health, performance & fat loss all at once.

  • Learn What the Healthiest People in the World Really Eat. 
  • Discover the FEONS: Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition Yes! Chocolate, red wine & coffee can be a part of your plan! 
  • Nutrition Timing: how to make food work for you.

  • Prepare entire weeks of gourmet-quality eating in minutes. 
  • Monitor & contour while understanding calories.

  • Introduce a better way of eating the whole family will love. 
  • The 6 Secrets of a Successful Transformation!

  • How to avoid the mistakes most people make.


Become a healthier and happier person today.

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Bronze Package

  • FIRE 

Silver Package

  • FIRE
  • ICE

Gold Package

  • FIRE
  • ICE

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