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ALANA's Story

"Ben changed my life. He saved me from what felt like a constant battle with my thoughts and feelings towards food, exercise, and my body".

I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa for many years. I recovered but unfortunately relapsed when I moved to Melbourne for University in 2014. I moved back home after my first year of uni to study via correspondence and get my health back on track. I already knew Ben, so I contacted him one day and sought what he had to offer. At the time, I was only ever accustomed to competitive track and field, long-distance running and team sports, and Ben suggested resistance training would benefit me the greatest out of all forms of physical activity. I had developed osteoporosis as a result of the anorexia, so Ben encouraged me to set myself a goal to strengthen my bones, put on some size, and improve my nutritional habits.

With a history of anorexia, I was actually scared to put on size and eat a lot of food. Although I had completed my first year of uni in Exercise Science, I still hadn't wrapped my head around the fact that nutrition and exercise work hand-in-hand.

I still eat and train the way Ben taught me and I no longer feel afraid of putting on 'size'. I eat like there is no tomorrow, and I train just as hard as I did when I was under Ben's wing. In 2015, I even went on to do my own nutrition certification.

If it wasn't for Ben, I wouldn't know what I know today, nor would I be the person that I am. I graduate this year as an Exercise Scientist, and I owe it, Ben. I actually feel that Ben's advice, knowledge, and guidance has given me the tools to succeed throughout not only my degree but my own transformation/s and nutrition/exercise regime.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Boyd's Fitness were the highlights of my week. At 7 am, my former boss (training partner) and I would rock up to Boyd's Fitness, sleepy-eyed, but eager to work out. We always worked-out as a team. Both Ben and my boss knew when Alana had reached her maximum. I would thrash the weight around, and the sound rumbled across the room. The boys would always joke about it, and this made me feel somewhat 'special'.

Ben always made me feel welcome. I saw and still see him as not just my trainer, but a dear friend.

- I know how my metabolism works, and eat to my lifestyle.
- I am able to set goals and achieve them thanks to the MP program.
- I train smart, not silly. I am now driven by three words: 'Health over aesthetics'.

Ben changed my life. He saved me from what felt like a constant battle with my thoughts and feelings towards food, exercise, and my body.

Ben is one-of-a-kind. If I still lived in the state of Victoria, I would be training with him.