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Burn Fat, get Fit & have Fun

I’m sure you know lots of people that spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill and they never change!

BURN is a science-based approach that maximizes fitness & fat loss! In fact, the research behind BURN principles shows you can burn up to 3 times more fat during cardio exercise.


  • We structure to optimize calorie expenditure

  • Our expert instructors design to suit beginners & all fitness levels

  • Exhilarating, fun, safe, result-producing workouts

  • We exercise together for motivation & support

  • Be a part of our amazing community you’ll want to exercise with us​


ALL of our session involves light resistance exercises with dumbbells or kettlebells to start followed by one of the following  


Classes incorporate circuit type sessions with a variety of different exercises for all ages and abilities to perform.

A high-intensity fitness boxing based sessions that will get your heart rate going. 

Our Friday games day where we play fun challenging games to give you a workout you won't forget! 

All sessions go for around 35 mins including supervised warm-up and cooldown. Short, sharp and effective.



Casual pop in - $15 per session- Book your spot via this button>

Weekly Flexi - $29.95/w - Unlimited access, stop and start when suits you. (Great for traveling workers)

Accountability - $24.95/w - Unlimited access, keep yourself accountable with a 12-month membership (Just over $4 per session




Wednesday night boxing 

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