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10 Week Body and Lifestyle Transformation

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Our philosophy is to Train our clients so well that you don’t need us, but look after you so well that you don’t want to leave. WHAT EXACTLY IS BUILD? Each program is a specifically custom weight training program designed to help YOU reach your individual goals within a supportive community. 
WHAT DO YOU GET? * Workouts no longer than 45 minutes * Science-based & research-proven! * Trigger amazing improvements in strength! * Smash training & weight loss plateaus! * Experience rapid changes in health & body shape! * No matter what your goal or fitness level! * BUILD is a 10-week program offered in small groups (4-6 people) * We exercise together for motivation & support * Be a part of our amazing community you’ll want to exercise with us! * 1x Burn session a week  * Myzone 1 Belt Invest in health and wellbeing with packages starting from $54.95/week. Numbers are limited! Secure your place now Find out more with no-obligation FREE 1 on 1 session to show you our facility, how we teach, training times and prices.

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BUILD 10 week challenge, $54.95/week


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